Gongora odoratissima litho publ. Van Houtte, plate 229

The Genus Gongora

Ruiz & Pavon 1794

Edited 18 December 2007
© Nina Rach

This genus was named for Sr. Don Antonio Caballero y Gongora, one-time viceroy of New Granada (Colombia and Ecuador) and later Bishop of Cordoba; Governor of Peru during the Ruiz & Pavón expeditions. Rod Rice (2002) believes that there are 65-70 epiphytic species comprising the genus. They are all native to tropical America, from Mexico, Central America and the West Indies, through South America to Bolivia, but Colombia is the center of distribution, offering at least 28 different species, with additional taxa to be identified. The type species is Gongora quinquenervis, described by Hipólito Ruiz Lopez & J.A. Pavón in 1794 in their Prodromus Florae Peruvianae et Chilensis. Abbreviated Gga.

Grows epiphytically in wet forest from 0-1,000 meters. Pendent inflorescences with many flowers emerge from the base of the deeply ridged, quared pseudobulbs and then gracefully arch away from the plant. Cultivate most of the species under intermediate conditions, acidic, moist, heavy feeding, basket or pot. The leaves are generally lighter green, smaller, and more plicate than most stanhopeas.

Rand (1876), wrote "These plants are all very curiously formed, the flowers resembling a string of grasshoppers. They should be grown in hanging baskets, in moss and peat. The flower-spikes are very long, pendent, and freely produced. When in growth they should be kept moist and warm, but should have a long rest. Bloom during the summer."

Gongora book cover

This genus was recently surveyed by Rudolf Jenny in Caesiana 20 (2003). See the reviews of his 1993 monograph.

Rod Rice (2002) organizes the genus Gongora as follows:

Subgenus Gongora
Section Aceras with four species
Section Gongora with about 30-33 species [atropurpurea, catilligera, latisepala, odoratissima, rufescens]
Section Gratulabunda with four species
Section Grossa with five species
Section Truncata with nine species [charontis, dressleri, longipes, tracyana]
Subgenus Portentosa
one section with at least five species [escobariana, garayana, portentosa, sanderiana]
Subgenus Acropera
Section Acropera with one species
Section Armeniaca with two species and one to two subspecies
Section Cassidea with four species [amparoana, cassidea, galeata, tridentata]


Gongora Cookies and Cream (Gga. chocoensis x Gga. truncata). Reg. Q4 2006 by Hoosier (L. Glicenstein)
Gongora Colibre (Gga. fulva x Gga. chocoensis).
Gongora Eagle Wing (Gga. atropurpurea x Gga. chocoensis).
Gongora Gargoyle (Gga. ilense x Gga. horichiana).
Gongora Golden Condor (Gga. fulva x Gga. scaphyphorus).
Gongora Parakeet (Gga. fulva x Gga. horichiana).
Gongora Pterodactyl (Gga. atropurpurea x Gga. clavidora). A fantastic dark hybrid offered by Hoosier Orchids. See their website ( http://www.hoosierorchid.com/category.asp?CategoryCode=7) for photos.

Intergeneric combinations:

Corygora = Coryanthes x Gongora Ruiz & Pav.

Polygora [Plr.] J.M.H.Shaw = Gongora Ruiz & Pav. x Polycycnis Rchb.f.

Stangora [Stga.] = Gongora Ruiz & Pav. x Stanhopea
Stangora Elcimey (Stanhopea ecornuta x Gongora horichiana) -- reg. 1984 by Armacost & Royston (C.K. Horich)
Stangora Ombelle d'Automne (Gongora galeata x Stanhopea costaricensis) -- reg. Q1 2004 by M. & M.F. Bourdon
Stangora Quetzaquatl (Gga. chocoensis x Stan. tigrina) Reg. Q4 2006 by Hoosier (L. Glicenstein)

The species:

Gongora aceras Dressler, Orquideologia 6: 70, f. (1971). [Colombia; Ecuador] - an alba variety exists

Gongora amparoana Schlecter [Costa Rica-endemic]

Gongora armeniaca (Lindl. & Paxton) Reichb.f. 1854 [Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama] -- Dressler (1993) writes: "Plants from the Pacific slope are mostly the yellow or brownish-yellow subsp. armeniaca, while plants from the Caribbean slope of Costa Rica are subsp. cornuta, in which the lip is more sharply angled above at the base, the sepals and petals are orange-yellow faintly spotted with red, and the lip is orange yellow." AOS award: Gongora armeniaca 'Panther Creek' CHM/82pts, Atlanta, Aug. 1989 (AQ 21/198).

Gongora aromatica Rchb. f. 1854 - See Gongora quinquenervis Ruiz & Pav. 1798.
Gongora aromatica Dodson & Bennett 1989 -- See Gongora pleiochroma
AOS awards to "Gongora aromatica": 'Evets' JC, Atlanta, Sept. 1991 (AQ 23/216P); 'Penn Valley' CCM/87pts, NYC, March 1960 (RA 3/415).

~Gongora atropurpurea Hooker Exot.Fl. 3: t.178 (1827). [Panama; Colombia; VZ; Trinidad & Tobago; Guyana; Amazonian Brazil; Ecuador; Peru]; warm-growing --
AOS award: 'Longwood Gardens' CCM/82 pts, Philadelphia, March 1994 (AQ 26/8).
- See Gongora quinquenervis Ruiz & Pavon 1798.

Gongora beyrodtiana Schltr. [Colombia]

~Gongora boothiana Hort. ex Reichb. f. Xen.Orch. 1 (1854) 54. - See Gongora quinquenervis Ruiz & Pavon 1798.

~Gongora bufonia Lindley 1841 [Brazil] --
AOS award: 'Santa Barbara' CBR, Los Angeles, August 1998 (AQ 30/108p).
- See Gongora quinquenervis Ruiz & Pavon 1798.

Gongora cassidea Reichb. f. Bot.Zeit. 22:298 (1864) [Mexico; Guatemala; El Salvador; Honduras; Nicaragua; Costa Rica]; waxy flowers --
AOS awards: 'Knob Creek' CCM/87pts and CHM/85pts, Atlanta, July 1978 (AQ 11/26P).

Gongora catilligera R. Rice 2001 [Colombia]
Gongora charlesworthii Rolfe [Colombia]

Gongora charontis Rchb.f. 1877 [Panama; Colombia]

Gongora chocoensis Jenny 1990 [Colombia] - warm-growing; eye-spot; spicy fragrance; ex-maculata? --
AOS award: 'Adelaida' CHM/83pts, July 1998 (AQ 30/19).

Gongora claviodora Dressler, Orquideologia 7: 75 (1972). [Nicaragua; Costa Rica; Panama; Colombia] - scent of clove oil; warm-grower --
AOS award: 'Fiddlehead Farm' CBR, Dallas, August 1988 (AQ 20/163P).

Gongora colombiana Jenny 1990 [Colombia] - warm-growing

Gongora donckelaariana Lem. 1858 - see Gongora unicolor Schlecter 1923

Gongora dressleri Jenny [Colombia]

Gongora ecornuta Jenny, Orchidee (Hamburg) 34: 61-70 (1983). [Ecuador]

Gongora escobariana Whitten [Colombia]
JOS Award: `Toddling Akiko' H.C.C. 77pts.

Gongora flaveola Reichb.f. 1886 [Colombia]

~Gongora fulva Lindley 1839 [Panama; Colombia; Brazil] - a.k.a. Gga. tricolor? See Gongora quinquenervis Ruiz & Pavon 1798

Gongora galeata (Lindl.) Rchb.f. Xenia Orchidacea (1854) [Mexico]; several different color varieties. Photo from Jerusalem Botanical Garden, by Ori Fragman-Sapir.

Gongora galeata var. luteo-alba [taxonomist, year?] photo by Eric Hunt, Aug 2004

Gongora galleottiana Rich. & Gal., in Ann. Sci. Nat. III, 3:25 (1845).

Gongora garayana R.Rice 2000 Oasis The Journal 1(4) (1999) [Colombia]

Gongora gibba Dressler [Panama; Colombia]

Gongora gracilis Jenny, Orchidee (Hamburg) 36(3): 115 (1985). [Ecuador; Peru]

Gongora gratulabunda Reichb.f. 1857 [Colombia]

Gongora grossa Reichb.f., Gard. Chron., n.s., 1: 781 (1877). [Colombia; Ecuador] - warm-growing. Photo 1, Photo 2 from Jerusalem Botanical Garden, by Ori Fragman-Sapir

~Gongora heisteri Hort. ex Reichb.f., Walpers Ann. Bot. 6:596 (1863). - See Gongora quinquenervis Ruiz & Pavon 1798.

Gongora hirtzii Dodson & N.H. Williams, Lindleyana 4(1): 30 (1989). [Ecuador]

~Gongora histrionica Reichb.f. [Central America; Colombia] - See Gongora quinquenervis Ruiz & Pavon 1798.

Gongora hookeri (Klotzsch and H. Karst.) R.Rice in: Oasis Suppl. 3: 21, April 2004. [was Gga. maculata var. hookeri]

Gongora horichiana Fowlie, Orchid Digest 29: 247 (1965). [Costa Rica; Panama] Syn. Gga. armeniaca var. bicornuta (small-growing)

Gongora ilense Whitten & Jenny, Orchidee (Hamburg) 43(6): 270 (1992). [Ecuador]

~Gongora incarum Kraenzl. 1906 - See Gongora scaphephorus Rchb. f. & Warsz. 1854

Gongora irmgardii Jenny [Colombia]

~Gongora jenischii Hort. ex Reichb. f., 1 (1854) 54. - See Gongora quinquenervis Ruiz & Pavon 1798.

Gongora latisepala (Schwein. & Allen) Jenny [Colombia]
Gongora latisepala Rolfe 1918 [Peru]

~Gongora leuchochila Lemaire in Fl. des Serres, ser. 1, 1 207, t.37 (1845) [Mexico (Chiapas), Colombia] - See Gongora quinquenervis Ruiz & Pavon 1798.

Gongora maculata Lindley Bot. Reg. 19 t.1616 (1833) [Mexico; Central America; Guyana; Trinidad & Tobago] - the "Jack Spaniard" orchid.

Gongora maculata var. hookeri Klotzsch and H. Karst.

Gongora minax Rchb.f. [Colombia] - warm-growing

Gongora napoensis Jenny, Orchidee (Hamburg) 34(5): 197 (1983). [Ecuador]

Gongora nigrita Lindley, 25 Misc. p.59 (1839). See Gga. quinquenervis Ruiz and Pavon 1798.

~Gongora nigropunctata Schlecter 1921 [Peru] - See Gga. quinquenervis Ruiz and Pavon 1798.

~Gongora odoratissima Lemaire, ser. 1, 2 (1847) 229. [Colombia]. See Gga. maculata.

Gongora pardina Jenny, Orchidee (Hamburg) 36(3): 117 (1985). [Ecuador]

Gongora pleiochroma Reichb.f., Hamburger Garten- Blumenzeitung 16: 421 (1860). [Colombia; French Guiana; Brazil; Ecuador; Peru]

Gongora portentosa Linden & Reichb.f. 1869 [Colombia] - spring-flowering

Gongora powelli Schlecter in Fedde. Repoert. Beih. 17 (1922) 62. [Panama]

Gongora pseudoatropurpurea Jenny 1990 [Colombia]

~Gongora quadricornis hort. ex Rchb. 1854 f. - See Gongora quinquenervis Ruiz & Pavon 1798

Gongora quinquenervis Ruiz & Pavon, published in Syst. veg. 227 (1798). [Mexico; Costa Rica; Panama; Brazil; Ecuador; Peru] - a fall-flowering species. Dressler (1993) writes: "This catchall name is used for any Gongora that doesn't fit clearly in another species. The species was originally named from a Peruvian plant (a very poor specimen). Careful work is still needed to sort out the species in this complex." For instance, the following are all synonyms of Gga. quinquinervis: atropurpurea, boothiana, bufonia, fulva, heisteri, histrionica, jenischii, leuchochila, nigropunctata, quadricornis, quinquevulneris, retrorsa, shepherdii, and vitellina.

~Gongora quinquevulneris Beer 1854 - See Gongora quinquenervis Ruiz & Pavon 1798

~Gongora retrorsa Reichb. f., published in Bonpl. 2: 19 (1854). - See Gongora quinquenervis

Gongora rufescens Jenny, Orchidee (Hamburg) 36(3): 116 (1985). [Colombia; Ecuador; Peru]

Gongora saccata Reichb.f. [Colombia]

Gongora sanderiana Kraenzlin 1896 [Colombia; Ecuador; Peru]

Gongora scaphephorus Reichb.f. & Warsz., Bonplandia (Hanover) 2: 98 (1854). [Colombia; Ecuador; Peru] - warm-growing
Gongora scaphephorus 'Joy' FCC/AOC was named the Australian Orchid Council's Orchid Species of the Year, 2002. See photo and description.
OrchidMania Photo by Eric Hunt, July 2004.

Gongora seideliana Reichb.f. [Colombia]

~Gongora shepherdii Hort. ex Reichb. f., 1:54 (1854). - See Gongora quinquenervis Ruiz & Pavon 1798

Gongora similis Reichb.f. 1881 [Colombia] ex-gratulabunda?

Gongora sphaerica Jenny [Colombia] - warm-growing

Gongora stenoglossa Rchb. f. 1854 []

Gongora superflua Reichb.f., Xenia Orchid 2: 169 (1873). [Ecuador]

Gongora tracyana Rolfe [Peru]

Gongora tricolor (Lindl.) Rchb.f., Bonplandia (Hanover) 2: 93 (1854). [Costa Rica; Panama] - resinous odor. Dressler (1993) writes: "One author has suggested that G. fulva is the correct name for this species, but the original illustration (of a plant of unknown origin) is not convincing. In a group as difficult as Gongora, names based on plants of unknown origin should remain in limbo."
AOS award: Gga. tricolor 'Autre Vie' HCC/AOS Feb 2002. 1 inflor. with twenty brightly-colored flowers.

Gongora tridentata Whitten

~Gongora truncata Lindley [Mexico; Belize; Honduras; Costa Rica] - bears 3 to 4 ft inflorescenses in summer. See Gongora unicolor

Gongora unicolor Schlecter, Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. Beih. 19:229 (1923). [Mexico; Belize; Guatemala; Nicaragua; Costa Rica; Panama] - has the odor of fresh-ground corn for tortillas ("nixtamal").

~Gongora viridifusca Hooker - See Cirrhaea dependens [Lodd.]G. Don 1850

~Gongora viridi-purpurea - Hkr. 1830 - See Cirrhaea dependens [Lodd.]Rchb.f 1850

~Gongora vitellina hort. ex Reichb.f., 1:54 (1854). - See Gongora quinquenervis Ruiz & Pavon 1798


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