Lueddemannia pescatorei photo by Eric Hunt Type species: Lueddemannia pescatorei, photo by Eric Hunt .


The Genus Lueddemannia

Reichb.f. 1854

Edited 22 May 2007
© Nina Rach


The genus Lueddemannia was established by Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach ("Rchb.f." 1824-1889), who published Lueddemannia pescatorei in Bonplandia ii, page 281 (1854). It was named for M. Lueddemann.

They are large-growing epiphytic orchids with only a few species known from the South America Andes (Peru to Venezuela). It is possible that the three species listed as valid by IPNI are all the same, and the genus may be monotypic.
Gerlach (1999) places Lueddemannia within the "Acineta-Verwandtschaftsgruppe," allied with Acineta, Lacaena, and Vasqueziella, within the larger Stanhopinae Alliance.

The plants have ovoid, ridged pseudobulbs, each bearing 2-4 large, pleated leaves. The inflorescences begin from the base of the pseudobulbs and are always pendant, with fleshy, showy flowers hanging downward ("nodding") on a simple raceme.

They seem to require intermediate to cool conditions. Viateur Boutot translated the following from Hervé Canals (1994) Stanhopea et genres allies, p. 55: "cool conditions, in a pot, in a mix of very fibrous peat, well drained. Water well when the plant is actively growing. During the winter, the plants may be grown in cool conditions and given as much light as possible while the waterings are reduced. Repot when new shoots emerge."

The valid species:
For culture of all three, see The Baker's Culture on demand: orchid species culture sheet

Lueddemannia pescatorei (Lindley) Linden & Rchb.f., in: Bonplandia, ii. (1854) p.281. [N. Granat]
Rand (1876), wrote: "A plant much resembling Acineta Barkeri in habit, but with flowers resembling a Lacaena. The flower spike is pendulous, very long, producing 30 or more rather small flowers, with brownish-yellow sepals and clear yellow petals; lip yellow, with green base. Culture the same as Acineta, in baskets in moss and peat. A rare plant."

Lueddemannia triloba Rolfe, in: Bull. Misc. Inform. Kew (1895) 283; et in Gardeners Chronicle (1895) ii. p.713, fig. 118. [Peru; Andes]

Lueddemannia vyvereana Schlechter, in: Orchis (1912), 6, p.113, Pl.25. [Costa Rica?; Peru?]

Invalid species:

Lueddemannia lehmanni Rchb.f., in: Gardeners Chronicle (1880) II. p.685. -- now considered to be Cycnoches lehmanni Rchb.f., from Ecuador - Alt 100-1400m.
See: Orchidata page for photo.

Lueddemannia sanderiana Kraenzlin, in: Gardeners Chronicle (1897), Series 3, 22, p.138. -- now considered to be Lacaena bicolor.

Lueddemannia [Leuddemannia] wallisii Rchb.f., in: Linnaea, xli. (1877) p.109. -- now considered to be Neomoorea wallisii (Rchb.f.) Schlechter
See: Baker's Culture on demand: orchid species culture sheet

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Link to this book at the Digital Orchid Library,
Lueddemannia on p. 308: Lueddemannia Pescatorei.

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Online References:

International Plant Names Index [IPNI],

Kew list of orchid species:

Link to this book at the Digital Orchid Library,
Lueddemannia on p. 308: Lueddemannia Pescatorei.

AOS Awards to Lueddemannia:

Lueddemannia pescatorei 'Alba Luz' AM/AOS 80 pts, 6/10/94, Tulua, Colombia

Lueddemannia pescatorei 'Amira' AM/AOS 82 pts, 3/29/2000, Medellin, Colombia, AOS Awards Quarterly - Vol. 31 - No. 4 - p. 275 B&W photo - December 2000

Lueddemannia pescatorei 'Tenche' CBM/AOS, AOS Awards Quarterly - Vol. 6 - No. 4 - p.77 B&W photo - October 1975

Other Awards to Lueddemannia:

Gold Medal, 58th Miami Intl Orchid Show (March 2003): Lueddemannia pescatorei exhibited by Sr. Socrates Forero, Colombia, in his exhibit, "Colombian Footprints."

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