Stanhopea Assidensis

(tigrina) x (wardii)

Edited 15 May 2007
© Nina Rach

Photo by Nina Rach
This artificial hybrid was registered with the Royal Horticultural Society in 1922 by Goldschmidt.


Stanhopea Assidensis is currently in cultivation, and can be successfully grown in intermediate conditions. It's very fragrant and blooms on the Texas Gulf coast during the summer months (June-July). Basket culture is recommended, as with most stanhopeas, due to the pendant inflorescences. Because of the influence of the Stan. wardii parent, the inflorescences of this hybrid are longer than those of Stan. tigrina.


Photo at left shows a plant blooming with three inflorescences in May 2002, after having been exhibited at the New Orleans Orchid Society Show in Metairie, LA.


Photo by Troy Meyers


Image at left provided by Troy Meyers, Poulsbo, Washington. Visit the Meyers Conservatory.


A high-quality image of Stanhopea Assidensis is available on Dale's Photo CD, Vol. 1.


A good description of this hybrid, along with a tiny photo, can be found on the "Other Orchids" section of the E.F.G. Orchids website.


Photo by Andre Bard

The frontal view photo at left was kindly provided by Andre Bard.

Photo by Ron Ehmlers




The photo at right was taken by Ron Ehlers, 1995, and is published here with his permission. Note the heavy markings and coalescing spotting, which are particularly suggestive of the Stan. tigrina parent.


AOS Awards:


Stanhopea Assidensis 'Autre Vie' HCC/AOS (79 pts)

Exhibited by Nina Rach, Spring Valley, Texas.

Awarded at the Houston Regional Monthly Judging, Houston, Texas, on 15 June 2002.

Stanhopea Assidensis 'Arp's Aviary', ___/AOS, _______, Texas
Exhibitor: Gerald Arp, Dallas, Texas

Stanhopea Assidensis ‘John’ AM/AOS 83 pts, 7/07/2001, Toronto Centre
Exhibitors: Peter & Inge Poot, Goodwood, Ontario

Stanhopea Assidensis 'Linda' AM/AOS 81pts, 6/15/83, New York, NY
Exhibitor: Gary & Linda Kraus, West Boxford, MA

Stanhopea Assidensis 'Marge's Pride' AM/AOS 80pts, 7/14/84, Atlanta, GA
Exhibitor: Mr. & Mrs. David McNair, Albertsville, AL

Stanhopea Assidensis 'Virginia' AM/AOS 81pts, 6/30/84, San Antonio, TX
Exhibitor: Robert Kelfer, San Antonio, TX

Stanhopea Assidensis 'Joe' AM/AOS (81 pts), CCM/AOS (87 pts)

Exhibited by Joe and Nancy Volpe, Tabernacle, New Jersey.

Awarded at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Monthly Judging, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 19 July 1995.

Sixteen slightly fragrant, pendant flowers and 120 buds on 34 inflorescences, borne on a robust, 110 growth plant, grown in an 18 inch wire basket in sphagnum moss; dorsal sepal pale yellow green with burgundy dots coalescing into a solid color on basal half; lateral sepals pale yellow-green with burgundy blotches on basal half; petals pale yellow-green with deep burgundy blotches basally; lip ivory with fine burgundy dots, hypochile butter yellow with chocolate-brown marks on side lobes, mesochile ivory with fine burgundy dots on inner side; substance good; texture matte; plant extremely well-groomed and displayed.

Natural spread 11.5 cm horiz. x 11.5 cm vert.; dorsal sepal 3.7 cm wide x 8.5 cm long; petals 1.8 cm wide x 7.0 cm long; lateral sepals 5.3 cm wide x 7.8 cm long; lip 4.6 cm wide x 7.5 cm long.

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