Stanhopea Quirky Queen

( Love Potion) x ( wardii)

Edited 23 January 2008
© Nina Rach

Stanhopea Quirky Queen photo by D. Pulley Stanhopea Quirky Queen photo by Doug Pulley

This hybrid was registered with the RHS in 1998 by Doug Pulley, M.D.

Stanhopea Quirky Queen is one of the most unusual stanhopea hybrids in cultivation. The peloric clone pictured here is 'Shooting Star' and it is notable for its three lips (but only a single column). It was recently awarded in California.

Basket culture is recommended, as with most stanhopeas, due to the pendant inflorescences.

Images at left and right were provided by the hybridizer, Doug Pulley, MD, of California. You can visit his website, The Doug Pulley, M.D. Collection

Photo by Doug Pulley

Stanhopea Quirky Queen 'Shooting Star' JC/AOS

Exhibited by Doug Pulley, M.D., Los Gatos, California.

This unusual peloric form was awarded at the Pacific Regional Monthly Judging, San Francisco, California on 5 September 2000.

[award description]




Natural spread cm horiz. x cm vert.; dorsal sepal cm wide x cm long; petals cm wide x cm long; lateral sepals cm wide x cm long; lip cm wide x cm long.

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